Conveyor SoleConveyor Sole

Vibram Oil Resist (#2021

1/2" Thick with Heel (wedge sole)

Vibram EVAlUG(#2062)

Vibram Klettersole

Black. Long-wearing lug sole, solid rubber gives good traction and flexibility.

Vibram Montagna

Black only, includes steel shank in heel. Solid rubber with hard-wearing lug design.

Vibram Woodstock Eva

Black , 1/2" cellular rubber sponge. Half the weight of rubber soles, good slip resistance.

$25.00/ pr

Vibram Sierra (#1276)

Black Long-wearing thick lug sole, solid rubber   gives good traction and flexibility..

Vibram Sylvano / Cherry

1/4" thick solid rubber with traction matrix.



Sheepskin Footbeds

Stitched with knobby sponge, washable replacement soles make your boots warm and shape to your feet -- work in sheepskin and most other boots

Custom liners, cut to your insole pattern (please provide tracing) $45.00